Kindergarten – Grade 6

Engaging your child’s curious mind

Our teachers will actively seek out your child’s interests and adjust the instructional plans and learning experience to engage their curiosity. This means the learning process is continually responding to your child’s needs.

Student in class


Programme design

The Junior School learning environment is based on an emergent approach to learning. In order to meet the individual requirements of each student, parents will meet with the teacher to provide input in determining the year goals.

The curriculum covers Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Physical and Health Education, Arts Education, Career Education, Applied Design, Skills and Technologies and French. Students’ learning is inquiry-based so that your child has the opportunity to explore and engage with topics in a variety of ways.

Together with classmates, your child will be offsite frequently, interacting with the community and learning from the real world. Teachers will find destinations that will engage the children intellectually, emotionally, and physically to inspire learning.


We’re serious about personal attention

Your child’s class size will be no bigger than 15 to allow for personalized learning. We design the learning program in collaboration with you, to ensure we address your child’s individual requirements and goals.

Life-long learners and friends

All of our students from K-12 are able to interact, share learning experiences, and build life-long friendships. This fosters your child’s social development and ultimately their confidence to contribute to the world around them.