BC Place buzzed with anticipation as the Grade 4-5 soccer tournament kicked off. Teams battled it out in the fast-paced 4-on-4 format, with excitement building from the first whistle to the last. Each game was a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, with goals flying in from all angles. Despite tough competition in every match, our team was thrilled to win a game by a significant margin. The students couldn’t stop discussing the incredible opportunity to play at BC Place and imagined themselves as professional athletes competing in front of thousands.
     A special thank you to the supportive parents who encouraged us all day and were so positive about each game. As the coach, I couldn’t be prouder of our athletes. Their determination, passion, and teamwork embodied the true spirit of Alcuin. So here’s to our Thunder squad – we can’t wait to see your next performance. Go Thunder!

     The Grade 5-6 basketball tournament proved to be a remarkable journey of determination and unexpected triumph. The team initially entered with low expectations and were apprehensive about participating in the tournament. However, despite this, the students played hard and passionately. In the second game, the team battled and got their first victory! This unexpected win not only boosted their confidence, but also their belief in their abilities. Due to this victory, Alcuin Thunder had secured their spot in the semi-finals. This was another nail-bitter that came down to the last minute. They lost by just one point! Boy, how far we have come since December!
     As the dust settled, the Grade 5-6’s finally had the opportunity to reflect on their season. The students mentioned how much their hard work and dedication paid off, and how proud they were that each member played a significant role in every game. A special thank you to Coach Erin, Coach Betsie and Coach Monte! Even though that is a wrap on their season, the team will still continue to practise after Spring Break to further develop their skills. GO THUNDER!


The atmosphere was electric as Mr Barbosa extended a warm welcome to the students and parents, marking the inception of Alcuin’s first-ever pep rally. Eager students took to their feet, exuding an infectious spirit that filled the room. Air Jordan basketball caps and Earnest Ice Cream gift cards were distributed to students exhibiting the most fervent enthusiasm. Suddenly, a haze of smoke enveloped the scene, heralding the unmistakable riff and beat of “Thunderstruck”, courtesy of the Beattie brothers. Being led by the music, the students started to cheer “THUNDER!”. Amidst this, a banner emblazoned with “ALCUIN THUNDER” was proudly displayed by two teachers. Crash! The Kindergarten to Grade 2s students break through the banner, shaking their pom poms to the music. Two Grade 12 ambassadors escorted these students through the masses, throwing socks into the jubilant crowd. A masked fox darts through the throng, adding to the excitement. DJ Dusty introduces the fox, Berry the Bandit, who is the mascot of the Vancouver Professional Basketball team. With a dramatic flourish, the lights dimmed, the music shifted, and DJ Dusty teased the forthcoming announcement of Alcuin’s 2024 Junior and Senior School basketball lineups. Emerging from the swirling fog, students dashed out onto the basketball court with palpable pride. Prior to revealing the new athletic logo, Ms de Beer delved into the history behind the name “Alcuin Thunder”, tracing its origins to a conversation between a teacher and two alumni in 2022. Ms de Beer further explained that a professional designer created the new athletic logo by drawing inspiration from all of the students who submitted their designs. The logo represents the diversity, unity, and strength of Alcuin. 

A collective gasp filled the gym as the drape was pulled, revealing the new logo. The basketball players shed their sweaters to reveal Alcuin’s new jerseys underneath, setting the stage for an intense student-versus-teacher showdown. This game was officiated by parent ref, Stephen C, who ensured fair play throughout. After a nail-biting match ending with a score of 22-21, the students emerged victorious, igniting cheers of “Go Thunder!”

To cap off the festivities, Berry the Bandit distributed tickets to a Vancouver Bandits basketball game, along with a coveted Boston Pizza dinner to one lucky winner. The spirit rally was a remarkable display of community spirit and camaraderie, leaving no doubt about the depth of love and pride for Alcuin. Come support the Grade 5-6 Basketball team’s next game on February 14th after school!


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© 2023 by Alcuin College. All rights reserved.