There is no one type of student who does well at Alcuin College. We understand that each child is an individual with a unique style of learning. Our teachers work with each student’s strengths. Every student is encouraged to attain his/her own potential. Our model of education attracts students who are coping in their current schools, but are not necessarily thriving, or who are uninspired. A student who is a curious and motivated learner, who enjoys actively participating in learning and who respects the ideas and opinions of others thrives at Alcuin.

The average class size is approximately 15 students, with a maximum of 18 students.

Alcuin College offers rolling admissions. As soon as you have made the important decision that you wish your child to be considered for entry into our school, please submit your application. In some grades, we do have a wait list; however that status can change as the year advances. We may admit students partway through the year if the circumstances are right and if we have available space in the desired grade. Typically, late entry into the grade 12 year is not considered.
Alcuin College is regulated by the BC Ministry of Education and must present the required curriculum. It is in how we present the curriculum that you will see a difference. Many of our teachers are experienced IB teachers and some are qualified to offer senior Advanced Placement courses. Our philosophy of keeping our class sizes small means that our teachers have the ability to cover more material in an academic year, therefore enabling our teachers to introduce further subject matter into their classes. Each student’s interests can then be explored. Upon graduation, a student receives the Dogwood Diploma, which is recognized globally for university admissions.
At Alcuin College, we have a four-step approach to our admissions process. The initial step is for you, the parents, to come in to discuss the educational goals of your child, learn more about Alcuin’s philosophy, and to see the school in action. Next, your child will meet with a senior administrator for an informal interview. Following the interview, we would arrange for your child to spend either a half or full day with their peer group, taking part in the routine of that day. Finally, we will arrange a meeting with our Head of School to determine if Alcuin is the best fit for your child. Please note that the application fee is not linked to acceptance; instead, it is a fee for the application process and is not refundable. However, it is a once-only fee and can be applied in the future if the application needs to be deferred.
The discussion of university entry starts in grade 10, when we talk about choices and expose our students to many different career options. We have developed a mentorship programme between local businesses and our students. This partnership allows our students to experience many careers first hand. We have extensive experience in counseling our students and their families on university entry in Canada, the US and overseas. We take advantage of education workshops and local university visits. Practical assistance is given to students in making applications to their universities of choice. Alcuin alumni from our graduating classes are attending UBC Vancouver, McGill, University of Victoria, University of Waterloo and Capilano University.
Yes, international students are accepted at Alcuin College. They must submit with their application for enrolment: copies of an appropriate valid visa, valid passport and proof of residence. International student fees apply.
No, at this time we do not offer a before or after school care program.
No, we do not offer English as a Second Language program. Students who attend Alcuin must have a working command of the English language.

Yes, be on the lookout for Pizza Fridays!

The tuition paid to Alcuin College is not tax deductible as it does not meet the CRA’s requirements for a charitable donation or a medical expense tax credit.



If you have more questions, you can schedule a 15 minute call with Penny Dundas or book a School Tour to learn more about our school and find out if Alcuin is the right fit for your child.


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© 2023 by Alcuin College. All rights reserved.
© 2023 by Alcuin College. All rights reserved.