Grade 7 – 12

Engaging your child through their interests

Our teachers will actively seek out your child’s interests and adjust the instructional plans and learning experience around them. For senior scholars, elective courses are tailored to their unique passions and long-term academic and professional goals.

Students in class

Programme details

Students in grades 7 – 9 learn English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Physical and Health Education, Career Education, Applied Design, Skills and Technologies, and an Arts Education elective. Your child will have a choice of studying French or Spanish and grades 7 – 9 will study Latin.

Students in grades 10 – 12 must earn 48 credits from required courses, 28 credits from elective courses, and 4 credits from Graduation Transitions for a total of 80 credits. These are the BC Ministry of Education requirements to graduate with the BC Dogwood Diploma. Where it is appropriate, Advanced Placement programmes will be made available.

Through their course work, students will engage significantly with experts in the community. Our goal is to help your child build a portfolio of educational experiences that will highlight their strengths and help provide direction for further learning.


We’re serious about personal attention

Your child’s class size will be no bigger than 15 to allow for personalized learning.  Teachers are able to build strong relationships with each child, be thoroughly familiar not only with their academic skills, but also their personal strengths and talents, and help them grow into well-rounded individuals.

A world of opportunity opens here

Alcuin offers your child some unique opportunities, such as access to a competitive robotics programme; tailored academic programs that accommodate young athletes and high achievers; specialized Alcuin Academies; and the ability to connect your child with leaders in their desired field of career or study.

A safe space to learn and grow

This is a safe place for your child to learn and socialize. Our zero tolerance for bullying makes it an environment of acceptance, lasting friendships, and respect. As a result, students are excited to come to school every morning.