Building Information and Updates


Construction of our new campus at 63 Mahon Avenue has begun! The weather these past few months has been challenging, with atmospheric rivers and snow. As of March 31st, we have our Level 2 slab poured and we have started to form Level 3. We are still on target to move into our new location before the end of 2022.

From the beginning, Alcuin’s teachers, students and parents have dreamed of a “forever home” for the school, a space suitable for our curiosity-based, rigorous, personalised education programme. We bring the community into the classroom with many educational field trips, which makes it important to us to stay near transit and within an urban environment. The site at the corner of Mahon Avenue and Forbes Avenue in North Vancouver is just the right setting.

In 2017, we applied for and received City approval for a three storey (2 ½ + outdoor roof garden) building at the site. The zoning for our lot allows for four storeys, but at the time our resources would not allow us to consider more than three. Thanks to a parent funding partner, we have now applied for an amendment to allow for a fourth floor, which will provide much-needed instruction, recreation, performing arts and presentation space.

This proposed fourth floor also creates an opportunity to deepen our relationship with the community. While the first three floors of our building will be for the school, the proposed fourth floor is designed to be a Community Hub. It will serve the school during the day, and be available to community members for cultural activities, private meetings and more after school hours. The Community Hub will be available free of charge to non-profit groups like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Squamish Nation. The use of the facility will be governed by a Charter that requires strict adherence to the high reputational standards of Alcuin College and conduct that is respectful of the school and neighbourhood.

Many privacy and sound protection measures have been designed for the proposed new fourth floor, and our updated design includes landscape beautification, extra parking and strategies to limit vehicle traffic around the school as much as possible. We are very excited about this fourth floor space, as being integrated with the community is a key part of our educational approach and mission at Alcuin College. Our students and staff are thrilled to be moving to a new home, and to be good neighbours.

Architectural Plans (Lamoureux Architect Incorporated)
Alcuin.East Elevation
Alcuin.East Street Elevation
Alcuin.L1 Plan
Alcuin.L2 Plan
Alcuin.L3 Landscape Plan
Alcuin.L3 Plan
Alcuin.NW 3D render
Alcuin.Parking Plan
Alcuin.SE 3D Render
Alcuin.South Street Elevation
Alcuin.SW 3D render
Alcuin.West Street Elevation

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