Stella Ablett - Head of School

Welcome to Alcuin College, where each child’s unique curiosity is recognized as the key to unlock learning. Our liberal arts curriculum focuses on a broad base of learning within the languages, humanities, sciences and mathematics. Not only is such a program rigorous, it is a course of study that promotes personal growth and development while refining critical-thinking and communication skills.

As our classes are small, every child is known, understood and has the space to be an individual.  We collaborate closely with parents so we always have the insights that help us understand and adapt to their child’s changing needs. Classes are led by educators who are experts in their field; not only teachers but also community leaders from various disciplines. Authentic hands-on learning is a cornerstone of our curriculum, and community partnerships are key in the personalization of each student’s program of studies.

We are more a college than a school. A school is where a group of students listens and learns from the teacher. A college is an active community of scholars – some of whom are teaching, all of whom are learning. This is why you’ll see both teacher and student wearing the Alcuin uniform; to reflect that together we’re pursuing the quest for knowledge.

We offer your child an education like no other: authentic learning for the 21st century.

Stella Ablett
Head of School